ZK 9.5 is coming soon with more than 70 enhancements and a WCAG preview (za11y) package. Learn more about the new features and try out the za11y package now!


WCAG preview (za11y)
We are excited to announce a preview version of the za11y package for web accessibility support. Various enhancements have been made on ZK components for keyboard interaction (focus, navigation order, …) and screen reader support (aria-labels, roles, …). In addition, accessibility-ready themes are made available for providing sufficient contrast.

MVVM syntax simplified
We have simplified the syntax so that you can use MVVM in a more straightforward way! For example viewModel=”@id(‘vm’) @init(‘…’)” is shortened to viewModel=”@(‘…’)”. In addition the @init(vm.aaa) is now shortened to @(aaa). Read more here.

Introducing fetch( ) API for Redirection/SSO handling
Redirects (HTTP 302) including SSO handling has always been a common challenge in Ajax. In 9.5 the fetch( ) API is used instead of XHR allowing better redirect handling. Read more here.

iOS13+ support
Apple has changed the implementation and now an iOS13+ device no longer identifies itself with the iOS Safari User Agent (UA) string, but with the MacOS Safari one instead. Corresponding changes have been made in ZK 9.5 to ensure ZK detects the devices correctly. Read more here.

Theme template supports compact themes
ZK Theme Template provides an easy way for theme customization. It has been updated to support compact themes — you can now customize a compact theme as easy as the standard themes, and upgrade the theme easily as you upgrade your ZK version. Read more here.

Backward compatibility: ZK 7 form binding
In ZK 8 a new MVVM form binding was introduced and made ZK 7’s simple form binding obsolete. We have now ported back ZK 7’s simple form binding. If you have ZK 7 projects that use the legacy simple form binding, you can easily upgrade to ZK 9.5 with minimum code changes. Learn more.

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[Release Notes & Upgrade Notes]

  • For complete ZK 9.5 release notes and upgrade notes, Visit Here.

[Try Now]

We hope you find the new features interesting and useful. Try out the freshly today and let us know what you think!

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