Overwhelmed by all the documentation and resources? We are sharing you 3 most popular articles in the ZK community here. Check them out today and see if you find them useful as well.

ZK Dos and Don’ts Series

ZK offers a lot of features and flexibility but it is not always trivial which way to go under a given scenario. This series explains common Do’s and Don’ts we collected from our support cases, providing summarized tips to maximize your efficiency with ZK.

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Step by Step Performance Monitoring

Everyone wishes for a fast responding application. However before starting to improve the performance, it is important to know where the bottleneck is – can be on the client side, across the network, or at the database. This article starts with a decision tree, helping you to locate your performance issue, and then provides hints on possible solutions.

Read ▸ Step by Step Troubleshooting

Other performance tips can be found in this section.

ZK Responsive Design

Responsive web design (RWD) doesn’t just happen magically. At component level, ZK EE components can help — they will turn themselves into different look & feel that best match the device they are on. But at page level, you cannot just make everything smaller, you need to decide what you wish to display in a smaller/limited screen. This article shows how you can leverage Bootstrap’s Grid System in ZK to easily create a responsive ZK application.

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For more responsive design articles, check out here.

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