It’s the start of a brand new year! Take this opportunity to invest in yourself. Maybe it is time to take that yoga class you’ve always wondered about or that computer course you know will help further your career. We at ZK would also like to offer you a chance make your 2016 extra special.
A series of online workshop sessions are being planned for Spring 2016. Sign up now to take advantage of our time-limited offer!

[Course 1] ZK8 Data Handler in Practice (1hr) $59$39/participant

The instructor will use a QRCode example to demonstrate how you can integrate a 3rd party JavaScript library with your ZK 8 application in just a few minutes.
Who should attend: ZK users with little JS experience

[Course 2] ZK Debugging Tips (1hr) $79$59/participant

The instructor will share tips for using tools to analyze the system bottleneck and solve the problem. Common mistakes will be discussed in detail.
Who should attend: Any ZKers

[Course 3] ZK8 + Web Components (1hr)$69$49/participant

The instructor will use a real-life example to show how you can take an existing web component from Bootstrap and convert it to a ZK web component as dependency.
Who should attend: Any ZKers

[Course 4] Upgrade Tips — from ZK 7 to ZK 8 (1hr) $79$59/participant

The instructor will highlight the differences between ZK 7 and ZK 8 and apply real-life examples to show how to resolve conflicts and ensure a smooth upgrade to ZK 8.
Who should attend: Those planning to upgrade to ZK 8

[Take all 4 Workshops] for only $189/participant (save more than 30%!!)


Course Information:
Instructor: ZK-Certified Training Partner
Language: All courses will be delivered entirely in English.
Medium: Online via WebEx. Participants may request and receive a copy of the recorded videos.


CLASS A: 15:00 CEST (European Summer Time)  [Check your Timezone]

  • Course 1: Apr. 4 (Mon)
  • Course 2: Apr. 5 (Tues)
  • Course 3: Apr. 11 (Mon)
  • Course 4: Apr. 12 (Tues)

CLASS B: 20:00 CEST / 11:00 US Pacific Time / 14:00 US Eastern Time [Check your Timezone]

  • Course 1: Apr. 4 (Mon)
  • Course 2: Apr. 5 (Tues)
  • Course 3: Apr. 11 (Mon)
  • Course 4: Apr. 12 (Tues)



Time-Limited Special Offer!

Open Until Mar. 4, 2016


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2 Responses to “ZK Workshop Coming Soon!”

  1. Alfredo Zuñiga says:

    The examples that will be shown will use ZK CE? So, if I take all Workshops and I use only ZK CE, i will can apply al knowledge learned in that? Thank you for your answer.

  2. Tendy Su says:

    Hello Alfredo

    Thank you for your question.

    ZK CE users are welcome to participate in all four courses 🙂

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