1. Receive formal ZK certification and advance your career

Every credential counts! Certificates speak to prospective employers of your solid commitment to an area of specialization.

All qualified contestants will receive a formal ZK certificate. It could  add a little extra glamor to your resume.

  1. Receive recognition from ZK Professionals

Members of the ZK Team will be judging the project you submit. If you succeed in impressing us, it would be our great honor to acknowledge you on our homepage and our various social media platforms.

  1. Interact with various Java users and the ZK community

Do you have a passion for using Java and ZK? Are you just dying to meet other ZKers who share the same thirst for innovation as you? This is a valuable opportunity for you to engage with the ZK community and participate in productive forum discussions!

  1. Challenge yourself

2016 is only a couple of weeks away! It’s time to combine your creativity with the knowledge and experiences you have acquired throughout the past eleven months; ultimately, actualizing your ZK vision as a tribute to 2015.

  1. Treat yourself to exclusive ZK-themed souvenirs and an Apple Watch.                

After all, one can never have too much of ZK! Enter for your chance to win something uniquely ZK for your office or home décor.


And best of all, it will only take a few hours of your time!


“My JavaScript is rusty, but thanks to ZK, I could still get it done in a day.”

– chillworld


Feeling sleepy after eating too much turkey?

Do something productive this Christmas and burn off those extra calories by playing around with ZK’s Data-Handler!

Enter here!


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