It has been two years since we first introduced the Ask the Expert public sessions in 2018, we continued to hold public training for both existing and new users. Topics varied from ZK tips sharing like debugging tips and testing session, Q&A sessions to topic-oriented subjects like Introductory ZK and Keikai spreadsheet. Among those free training, here are the top three popular training topics.

ZK Performance Tips

ZK Performance Tips has the most signup counts compared to all other training sessions. The Performance Tips session has been so popular that two additional sessions – Performance Tips II and Performance Tips III were held one week after the other as there were so many tips to discuss.

Highlights include:

  • determine what is slow  
    • track down the bottleneck 
    • introduce available tools
  • tune performance (tips and features)
  • avoid performance killers.

Check out the recording here: Performance Tips

ZK Spring vs. ZK Springboot

The second most popular topic is ZK Spring vs. ZK Springboot. In this session, our developer clarified ZK Spring related modules and demonstrated how developers can use them. 

Highlights include:

  • zkplus
  • zkspring
    • zkspring-core
    • zkspring-security
  • zkspringboot
    • zkspringboot-autoconfig
    • Zkspringboot-starter
  • usage examples

Check out the recording here: ZK Spring vs. ZK Springboot

Protect ZK Applications with Spring-security

Ranking third is Protect ZK Applications with Spring-security. Our core developer guides users how to protect ZK applications with Spring-security in this session.

Highlights include:

  • configuration examples (illustrating ZK specifics)
    • internal login page (partial app protection)
    • external login page (full app protection, e.g. SSO)
  • leverage zk-spring-security features
    • retrieve user / roles (for dynamic UIs)
    • handle ZK specifics AJAX / WebSockets / ServerPush

Check out the recording here: Protect ZK Applications with Spring-security

In addition to the most popular sessions mentioned above, many users also find Testing ZK, Q&A sessions and ZK Theme Customization very useful, find out more here. If you missed the training and would like access to the recording, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Don’t forget to let us know which recording link you are interested in and what topic you wish to see in the future.

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