Happy Tenth Anniversary, ZK!

In honor of this very special occasion, for the first time ever, ZK team is hosting a

Data-Attribute Handler Contest! Celebrate with us!

Prove your skills, showcase your talents and win a New Years gift!


This contest is open to all ZKers and web developers. Our only requirements are that you (1) use ZK 8’s data-handler to create your design and (2) agree to make your code open-source.

*To see examples of integrating third-party JavaScript libraries with ZK 8’s data-handler, please visit ZK8: Simple but Powerful; Using Data-handler API to Work with Front-End Technologies and refer to the third demo here: ZK8 Demo Page

[Advanced Users]
Experienced participants also have the option of creating their third-party integration project using other ZK8-based techniques, such as Shadow/UI Templating and Client-Binding.

Judging Panel

[ZK Team]

ZK team will decide on the top three winners of this contest. 

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity (30%)
  • Feature Richness (30%)
  • Code Quality (readability, modularity) (20%)
  • Component Appearances (20%)

The first-place winner will receive the ZK Technical Achievement Award, in addition to our grand prize- a brand new Apple Watch!

Those who finish second and third will receive exclusive ZK-themed souvenirs.

All qualified participants will be awarded a formal ZK certificate.


We will also be inviting the community to participate in the voting process via Facebook.

The creators of the “favorite” data-handler projects will receive recognition on ZK’s website, in addition to original ZK collectibles.


Participant Details to Submit

Participants are required to submit a runnable project with at least one screenshot to Github. For detailed instructions please visit github: https://github.com/zkoss/dataAttributeHandlers and refer to the sample project given in the same repository under src/main/webapp/chartist.

Once the project is done and that you have sent us a pull request in github, each participant also needs to provide the following information through our application form:

    1. Participant’s name
    2. Email address
    3. Your project name
    4. The name of the JavaScript library used for integration
    5. The URL/project home of the JavaScript library used for integration

***Update*** We are no longer accepting submissions. Results will be announced in late February. Stay tuned!

Handle your data with ZK, and manage your time with Apple Watch. You’re all set for a more productive 2016!  


ZK8: Simple but Powerful; Using Data-handler API to Work with Front-End Technologies

ZK8 Demo Page

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3 Responses to “ZK’s First-Ever Data-Attribute-Handler Contest”

  1. Amit Singh says:

    I like it very much..It full fill the whole requirements for development.
    Its really amazing!!

  2. odaper says:

    We are at the end of the challenge,
    I can say to all of the zkers and future zkers, with ZK Data handler and Namespaces we can:
    – easily create our own bootstrap template
    – easily choose (according to our need) what element should be native or not
    – easily interact whith any 3th party javascript library
    – easily interact with ZK View Model
    – and more and more …

    Awesome ZK 🙂

  3. jimyeh says:

    Thank you, odaper! You get the points. 🙂

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