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When you feel the chill in the air, the time of the year has arrived again; ZK is now 6 years old. For the past 6 years, we have been able to steadily improve ourselves bringing ZK framework to reach higher stability, accessibility and usability thanks to the huge support and effort contributed by the community.

The ZK team truly appreciates and is proud of the community that we have with each and every one of you; from replying in forums helping each other out, writing small talks, blogs, making ZK add-ons, extensions to reporting bugs, making feature requests, introducing ZK to your colleagues or just by simply using ZK. Your input and feedback to the community is priceless and is what sustains ZK, allowing us to have the motivation to provide users with continual support and end-to-end productivity, participating and innovating further to make positive contributions to the industry.

ZK, From 2005 to Present…

From 2005 up until now, ZK has achieved various milestones of its own and of the industry. Over the years, we have accumulated more than 1.5 million downloads worldwide, hundreds of clients varying from freelancers to small to medium enterprises to large corporate organizations including over 100 Fortune 500 companies. ZK is also an award winner for many including the Red Herring 100 Asia, SF.net Community Choice, IBM XPages Development Contest etc.

In terms of industry breakthrough, ZK 5 introduced us to the one and only Server+client fusion loved by many offering developers an unique and seamless fusion technology switching from pure server-centric to pure client-centric providing extreme productivity and security of event-driven  server architecture whilst optionally allowing fine grained control at the client side.

Moreover, recent years, ZK has been attaining more and more credibility in a sense that it is now deployed in numerous mission critical projects across many industries and fields. Take an example, American leading insurance company currently utilizes ZK framework as the base of their million dollar health portal system scaling for tens of millions of users. ZK team has been providing onsite consulting for over a year assisting with development productivity, customizability, offering end users with rich user experience and simplicity that brings to ultimate sophistication.

To Celebrate ZK’s 6th Birthday!

All in all, in celebration of our 6th birthday and the success we have all achieved together and now that with the community and user base growing larger than ever, it is necessary to take an opportunity to achieve deeper mutual understanding and hear out community voices to draw us closer than ever.

Bearing this aim in mind, we will start off with a series of interviews with some of our top contributors who have selflessly spent their own time replying to the forum, writing blogs, small talks, creating add-ons or extensions of ZK etc. spreading ZK and their passion to the world. All of these contributions are greatly appreciated by the ZK Team and I am sure, the community, who benefits. Being open source, a good community is just as important as a good product. After all, sharing is caring.

Accept Our Most Sincere Thank you!

The ZK Team hereby expresses our greatest gratitude towards all contributors and users; without your support, ZK will never stand where we stand today.

Yours Sincerely,


ZK Team

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