ZK 5Yesterday, we launched several new ZK 5 features, including Frozen Column, In-place-editing and Rowspan within a grid. These features enhance the usage of ZK. These features provide a more flexible grid table allowing the user modify and navigate the data quickly and easily, just like a spreadsheet.

Below is a quick summary of each feature:

Frozen Columns

Frozen columns are very useful to the end user, enabling them to navigate their data sheets with ease.

In-place Editing

In-place editing has been a popular since Ajax became a prevalent internet technology. Using this feature the user can modify the content of the data table quickly and easily.


The Cell component we introduced in ZK5 is used to fully control the style and the layout of the grid. The rowspan or the colspan property is used stretch the content cell across multiple rows or cells.

See more in the Small Talk

To find out more please visit the Small Talk here!

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