Thank you for participating in the 2024 ZK Community Survey! Your insights are invaluable for understanding your needs and enhancing our products and services. Here are some interesting findings from the survey:

  1. IntelliJ has surpassed Eclipse as the preferred IDE among ZK users.
  2. While some have migrated to Jakarta EE, half of our users remain loyal to Java EE.
  3. Maven reigns as the top build tool, with Gradle not meeting anticipated popularity.
  4. 80% of users rely on JUnit for app testing.
  5. Baeldung emerges as the go-to learning hub for developers.
  6. Stack Overflow and the ZK Forum are key resources for problem-solving.
  7. AI integration remains low, with less than 10% of users adopting it.

📈 IntelliJ is the most used IDE among ZK users.
💡 While some users moved most of their projects to Jakarta EE, more than half of the users are still with Java EE.
⚙️ Maven leads. Gradle was not as popular as expected.
📋 More than 80% of the respondents test their application with JUnit!
💡 Baeldung has become the most popular learning platform!
🔎 Most users rely on Stackoverflow and ZK Forum to find solutions
🤖 Less than 10% of users have incorporated AI into their projects

We hope these insights provide valuable context for your work and access to useful resources.

If you have submitted a contact request when filling out the survey, we will reach out to you soon, thank you for your patience!

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