Keikai is a ZK-compatible web spreadsheet component that brings in Excel functionalities into your web application. Typical use cases include reporting, data processing, integration with DB and services, converting Excel files into web and online collaboration.

In this session we will introduce 3 typical Keikai use cases that can be useful for your ZK application. If you already know how ZK works, it will be very easy to get started with Keikai and include it in your ZK application.

Target Audience

  • ZK users new to Keikai
  • ZK users requiring reporting, spreadsheet/table-like features

Topic Highlight

  • Introduction & Setup
  • Reporting & online editing
  • Interact with a database
  • Build spreadsheet-driven app

Session Details

Keikai is a product created by ZK Team. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at [email protected]. If you wish to learn more about Keikai, visit

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