It is now December, when people are preparing for the upcoming holidays, making new year resolution. It was not until then that we realized how fast time flies, and that another year has gone by.

The year 2017 has been a prosperous year for us at ZK, mostly because we have you with us throughout the journey. Your engagement, participation, and contribution are what makes it exciting and worthwhile, and what motivates us forward to reach new destinations.

Looking back in 2017, the biggest breakthrough was the release of ZK 8.5. ZK 8.5 follows ZK 8’s core value — combining the simplicity and security of the server-side with the beauty and dynamics of the client-side — and continues to push the envelope. We delivered more than technical advancements, Fragment Component and built-in WebSocket. What is more, we heard your voice, and thus created 24 modern new themes to enliven your web application. Other major updates such as ZK Charts 3 and ZATS Mimic 2 were also made available.

In addition, we have gotten to know you better. We held community surveys, ZK 8.5 online walk-through sessions, customer appreciation program, as well as a local seminar to meet you online, via both air mail and in person. A big thanks to those who participated and provided valuable feedback! Thanks to you, we released popular articles such as ZK with RxJava and the first ZK Spring Boot starter kit.

Looking into 2018,  we will continue being innovative and bring cutting-edge features to ZK Framework for even better usability and performance. Topics like Java 9 support, CSP compliance, and better JavaScript library and front-end integration are actively being evaluated. ZK Spreadsheet with a brand new architecture will also be released early next year — and we believe it is going to be the fastest Web spreadsheet on Earth! It is developed to help spreadsheet users with huge data, and we hope you are looking forward to it like we are!

Last but not least, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for helping us grow, and we surely will keep up with our works and strive for excellence without end. We always welcome your feedback and comments, for your sincere, constructive feedback are our most treasured resources.

Wish you all a very productive and prosperous new year!


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