Microsoft’s newest browser, Microsoft Edge, has recently been released; thus, arousing heated discussions among people around the world. But nobody is more concerned than a Web developer – after all,  it is a web developer’s dream to one day stop supporting IE.

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ZK, a popular Java Web Framework, has performed a polling to its community, in order to learn how this new browser will affect Web development in the next several months.

In Chart 1, most people, around 65%, will support Edge as well as the other currently supported browsers they are working with. 33% of respondents say they don’t have any plans to shift to Edge yet. Only 2% of people assure they will definitely move to Microsoft Edge.


In Chart 2, we can see that the oldest minimum required version is IE8, which accounts for 21%. As for IE9, at around 31%, it has the most followers, and IE10 takes a quarter. The remaining 23% mention they will use the latest 2 browser versions. 


* Only 2 % of the developers are ready to move to Edge.

* More than 65% of the developers have to work more to support Edge on top of all currently supported browsers.

* More than 50% of the developers can’t get rid of IE8 and/or IE9.

* Less than a quarter of the developers live in the happy zone… are you the lucky one?

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One Response to “A Survey of the Java Community: Will Microsoft Edge Make a Web Developer’s Life Easier?”

  1. Daniel says:

    Starting sometime in Jan. 2016 Microsoft will EOL all versions of IE below IE11. If the company that created the software is no longer supporting it I see not reason why us as web developers need to. And by the way Microsoft EOL IE8 2 years ago, why anyone is still supporting it is a mystery to me. Tell your customers IT gremlins to do their jobs and update their browsers.

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