ZK 8 is on the way with various enhancements on MVVM and databinding. ARE YOU READY?

MVVM is a variant of the Model/View/Controller(MVC) design pattern that helps to achieve a clean separation of your application’s data and logic from its presentation.

MVVM stands for Model, View, and ViewModel. The ViewModel is an abstraction of the View’s state and behavior, making the ViewModel completely independent of the presentation in View so the two can be implemented in parallel and boost productivity.

Adopting the MVVM pattern is now a growing trend for large scale development. But because it is a newer concept, many users experience a difficult transition from MVC to MVVM but fall in love with it once they fully understand how it works.

ZK is the first Java framework to incorporate MVVM as its fundamental development pattern. If you have not experienced how MVVM can accelerate your development efforts, let our experts guide you through the implementation of the MVVM pattern; from the basics to advanced topics in a 6-hour instructor-led Webex course. In addition, a special ZK 8 walk through will be included at the end of the session to help you hit the ground running.

Learn what’s new in ZK 8’s and how these new features could make your dev life easier! 🙂

Course outline:

  • Introduction
  • Property Binding
  • Command Binding
  • Collection Binding
  • Children Binding
  • Form Binding
  • Validation
  • Converter
  • ViewModel Communication
  • Examples
  • Special Annex – What’s new in ZK 8 walk through

Course options & details:

Class A
Day 1: May 20, CEST 13:00-16:00 (Check your time zone)
Day 2: May 21, CEST 13:00-16:30 (Check your time zone)
Class B
Day 1: May 28, PDT 09:30-12:30 (Check your time zone)
Day 2: May 29, PDT 09:30-13:00 (Check your time zone)

  • Duration: 6 hrs of course plus 0.5 hrs of ZK 8 walkthrough, delivered in two sessions (3 hrs + 3.5 hrs)
  • Fees: $260 USD per participant
  • Tool: Cisco Webex
  • Payment method: Credit card or PayPal account through PayPal

Special Offer:

1. A special annex “What’s New in ZK 8” walkthrough will be included at the end of the session guiding you with the latest innovations about ZK 8.

2. First 5 users who complete ordering MVVM course: Get free eBooks bundle “Mastering ZK Web Applications With Responsive Design” and “Multi page ZK Websites with Responsive Design” written by Top contributor Stephan Gerth along with a ‘websocket realtime admin dashboard module’. Completion order depends on the PayPal transaction time stamp.

3. For all course participants: get a 50% discount coupon for the same eBook Bundle “Mastering ZK Web Applications With Responsive Design” and “Multi page ZK Websites with Responsive Design” written by Stephan Gerth at 56 EUR (against the list price 112 EUR!)

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If you are interested in participating MVVM training or other training courses, please contact us at [email protected] and we will get back in touch for further arrangements.

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