Previously, we have introduced the online theme roller for ZK 7.0 which allows users to customize and design their own personal or corporate themes. We have received a lot of feedback from our users and have now enhanced the tool further based on these feedback; providing more easy-to-use features and templates so that you can design themes even easier and quicker!

New Improvements

    1. Export/Import Themes

Sometimes theme design may involve back and forth discussions with your team or with your customer. This new feature allows you to save your current design and import it later for further customization. For example, let’s say you have designed two themes, one is based on a yellow color set and the other one is based on a green color set. Now, you can export these color sets from the theme roller and import them later to further fine-tune based on the color set your customer prefers.

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    1. Gallery

You may want to create something original but more often you may wish to design a new theme based on an open source theme that you like, e.g. Bootswatch. Theme roller now load default ZK and Bootswatch like themes so that you can use them to customize your own themes based on these templates. This makes your work much easier and faster!


Note. Bootswatch is a 3rd party project, for licensing information please refer to: Bootswatch License.

    1. Auto-save

Designing a new theme is a time consuming job, it would be such a pain and a lot of resentment if your browser accidentally crashes along with all the designs you have made in the theme roller. For this, we have introduced this new feature so that the theme-roller now automatically remembers your last design to prevent you from such kind of tragedy and to keep you happy.

To view the whole video, right click on the video and check “Show All” option.

Note that if you disable browser cookie, this function will be disabled too.

    1. Performance Boost

In the previous version, “Preview Changes” takes around 5-10 seconds, it will now only take 1-3 seconds. By using a new compiling engine, the speed of theme compiling and download also increases around 70~90%.

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2 Responses to “Online ThemeRoller Enhanced”

  1. Mario says:

    Very nice update.

    How can i import bootswatch themes ??


    Why the button color never applied when we select any of the Bootswatch template from the gallery ?

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