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Following are the winners:

Felipe Raphael
Bob Rullo
Alvaro Salazar Victorino
Teofilo Copa Fernandez
André Filipe Aloise
Elizabeth Manrique
Raffaele Maietta

Congratulations & don’t forget to contact [email protected] to claim your ZK-shirt!

Also a big thank you to all of you who have participated!

To each and everyone of you

Seven years ago, ZK was launched and introduced to the Java community. Seven years later, we are proud to say that ZK is still growing continuously. All in all, this success comes down to you, whether you are a user, customer, contributor or someone who just came across this blog post by chance.

This community is our greatest asset and it is because of your support and contribution that we are able to stand where we are today.

Taking this opportunity, ZK Team would hereby like to thank each and everyone of you for your continual support and efforts put in contributing to an active community. It is your constant feedback, whether negative or positive, and encouragement that sustains us so we know we are doing the right thing and have the courage and motivation to keep walking this path. People always say, “magical” 7, for us, these 7 years is not just magical, it has been a joyful 7 years of hard work, cultivation, and constant vigilance to continue reviewing, improving, innovating our technology and welcoming more users into the growing community. We believe and hope to walk together with you, for many more 7 years to come.

Over the past year…

Over the past year, we have had two major releases – ZK 6 and ZK 6.5 bringing groundbreaking technologies such as ZK Bind (MVVM), responsive design and touch-specific interaction features to your doorsteps. Users now need only to write one set of code and have it run everywhere on desktops, and mobile devices of nearly all operating systems. ZK continues to evolve and improve in order to provide developers with the most flexible, easy and stable framework for building the most complex, diverse and real cross-platform applications. With the community as the striving force behind, we aim to keep moving forward towards this direction and always provide the best and most all-rounded framework in the industry for our users.

Celebrate with us & WIN a ZK-shirt

Now, the exciting moment is here! This year, to celebrate our 7th birthday and to show our appreciation to the community, we are running a 2012 ZK Prize Draw event.

How to Enter: Simply RT on Twitter or like & share on Facebook our official birthday message during
Nov 13-17 & Nov 27-29

Winners: 7 Winners will be picked randomly and announced at the end of the two rounds and each one will receive a ZK-shirt via mail post!

Hope to see you at the Draw!

Yours Sincerely,

ZK Team

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  1. Pedro says:

    Congratulations !! but , 7 t shirts? to low

  2. Ondrej Medek says:

    Congratulations !! But why not Google+?

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