Release Date: March 08, 2012

ZK Spring 3.1 is a maintenance release mainly focusing on fixing bugs and upgrading compatibility to fully support ZK 6. GenericSpringComposer has also been deprecated as it has been identified to cause potential problems under various application servers. Users are suggested to use SelectorComposer in ZK 6 and GenericFowardComposer in ZK 5 instead. Both composers are able to perform the same functionality as GenericSpringComposer. For details, please refer to Developer’s Reference.


Bugs fixed

  • ZKSPRING-3 Deploy Zk Spring example war (zkspringessentials.war) on Oracle Weblogic Server 10gR3 with error
  • ZKSPRING-1 Zk Spring example war (zkspringessentials.war) can not be run on Oracle Weblogic Server 10gR3
  • ZKSPRING-4 zkspringessential.war cause a Reflections error on Weblogic 10gR3
  • ZKSPRING-5 CoreVariableResolver cannot be serialized
  • ZKSPRING-14 org.zkoss.spring.init.SecurityVariableResolver – Should implement Serializable
  • ZKSPRING-16 zk-spring-security config.xml file contains the wrong version-uid value for the 3.1 version
  • ZKSPRING-18 Use ZK Spring web flow with ZK6 RC will not find the setVariable method in Component
  • ZKSPRING-17 Use ZK Spring web flow with ZK6 RC will not find the setVariable method in Page
  • ZKSPRING-24 ZK Spring Core 3.1-FL-2011-09-01 incompatible with ZK 6.0
  • ZKSPRING-22 VirtualIdSpace cannot be cast Component issue with ZK Bind
  • ZKSPRING-23 UiExceptoin if put zkspring-core, zkspring-security, and zkspring-webflow along with all ZK required jars in the Tomcat endorsed directory
  • ZKSPRING-11 ZK SprinSecurity NullPointerException on SecurityUti.isAccessible method
  • ZKSPRING-12 RuntimeException while using grid in-place=true with ZK Webflow
  • ZKSPRING-7 Bug in handling of WrongValueException
  • ZKSPRING-15 ZkFlowControllerListener NPE if processing an Event with getTarget() == null
  • ZKSPRING-9 zk + databinding + spring-web-flow may cause problem
  • ZKSPRING-19 Discouraged usage of “==” and “!=” operators for String comparison
  • ZKSPRING-28 zkspring-core use JDK 1.6 class: javax.annotation.Resource
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3 Responses to “ZK Spring 3.1 Release Introduction”

  1. joseph says:

    Hello , i was wondering whether zkspring is compatible with spring 3.1 aside spring-security 3.1 . i use another security framework so am i good to go?

    Thanks for the good work

  2. Kumaran says:

    This feature of ZK – Spring integration is really awesome, but from ZK edition details page, I could understand that in community edition this integration is not possible.
    I think this should be a basic need in community edition, so that many projects will use zk View features using existing spring security and will upgrade to PE when they need ZK specific premium features.


  3. Prakash V Manjehswar says:

    Please, could you point me to the exact documentation page link which says about availability for security feature support ? If I am not wrong, I think the support to access spring beans from a ZK controller is provided in CE edition. I am able to do so. i haven’t used spring security though.

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