This blog post is the forth of a series which introduces more new features of ZK 6. To check out main features please click here.

Chosenbox is another new add-on component that comes with ZK6 which acts like a Combobox with the additional ability to select multiple items inside the box. Chosenbox supports ListSubModel, and keystroke to select, move-between and delete selected items.

It features just like the HTML multiple select except with better look and feel and more powerful within ZK’s event driven programming model.


The video provided below demonstrates how a Chosenbox works.

For more details, please refer to Chosenbox on Github.


To Download and try out Chosenbox, click here.

A demo project MultiInOne is available for your reference.

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5 Responses to “ZK 6.0 New Feature Highlight Part 4: Chosenbox – A beautiful and powerful multiple combobox”

  1. juanxyu says:


    Great component!!!

    One question: Por qué al entrar a los foros está mostrando ???

  2. juanxyu says:


    Great component!!!

    One question: Why upon entering the forum is showing

  3. Hélder says:

    Great feature! 😀

  4. tuanpa says:


    I use this component on my App. But I have problem: When I change chosenbox value, and do something like re-render page, I can’t focus to this component again.

    Anyone can help me???

  5. krish says:

    how can i get label and value as a pair….. now i able to get only label’s value…. i not able to get … specific id list for selectedObjects ??? can any one help me to show how to write a code for that…. thanks

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