This blog post is the second in a series which introduces more new features of ZK 6. To check out main features please click here.

One of the best user driven features in the upcoming release of ZK 6.0 RC is the navigation of the “Menubar” using the “KeyStroke” method making it more user friendly. The introduction enables users to navigate through the menu bar using the Down, Up, Left, Right, Enter, ESC, and Tab keys. This enhancement is the same behavior pattern found in Microsoft Windows; offering users the the ability to navigate through the ZK application menu bar in an already familiar manner.


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As demonstrated in the video,  ZK ctrlkeys is used to handle the mapping of keys. In this case “ALT + K”  to open up the first menupopup and continue to use the keyboard to navigate through the menu bar.

The follow code snippet demonstrates how to set a shortcut


Note: The open() method of the menu is introduced in the upcoming ZK6.0 RC release.

Check out the whole demo file here


Download and try out the latest ZK 6.0-RC version here.

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  1. Timo says:

    I would love to see shortcuts here.


    ?+N for Project->New

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