ZK team is pleased to announce the release of  ZK Spreadsheet 2.1.1. This new release focuses on fixing bugs and upgrading performances in overall system deployment, including creating spreadsheets, selecting different worksheets and data editing.

ZK Spreadsheet 2.1.1 optimizes page loading time by 2.1 times faster than that of  ZK Spreadsheet 2.1 enabling users to get a fully consolidated view of their Excel data in their browsers in a shorter period of time.

ZK Spreadsheet 2.1.1 also increases the speed of selecting a sheet by 1.9 times; users are now able to edit data on multiple worksheets in a more efficient manner.

Finally, when inserting columns or rows in an existing worksheet, users are now able to experience faster response time as the performance of these features have been boosted by 1.7 times and 2.2 times respectively.

Below is a video demonstrating the performance of ZK Spreadsheet 2.1.1

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ZK Spreadsheet 2.1.1 is now available for download.

Experience the live demo

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