ZK Fiddle is an online ZK application editor which is a multi-purpose playground for developers.

ZK Team has integrated ZK Fiddle with ZK Forum providing developers with the ability to easily share code snippets for public viewing. ZK Fiddle is available at: http://zkfiddle.org

Embed ZK Fiddle

This integration is important, as it represents the first in time where developers can quickly produce samples of source code and disseminate the URLs to the ZK Community. ZK Fiddle acts as a source code sharing platform that offers simple and elegant solutions to generate free live code among developers using ZK. By way of doing so, developers can easily compile and run Java code on the server with just a single mouse click.

Added functionality includes rich programming code pasting on the ZK Forum. With this seamless integration, developers are now able to enjoy embedding cleaner and more readable live code snippets which are nicely formatted with line numbers and language syntax, for better presentation in the ZK Forum thread.

ZK Fiddle’s online coding playground  provides an excellent practical environment for developers who would like to share their code in the ZK Forum; enabling the community to interact and exchange thoughts with each other in a more convenient and efficient way.

A video demonstrating how to add a ‘fiddle’ into a ZK forum thread:


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