Normally, JasperReport uses system default font when generating a report. This blog will introduce step by step how you can embed other font types in JasperReport.

Step 1: Create a file called and put it in your classpath


Step 2: Create a “fonts” folder in classpath.
Step 3: Create fontfamily.xml file in the properties file mentioned and place it in the “fonts” folder of the project


Step 4: Place the desired font file/s (*.ttf) in the “fonts” directory
Step 5: Specify the desired font name in *.jrxml file
Step 6: This method only works on JasperReport version 3.7.6 or later. If you are using ZK 5.0.7, please download the latest version of jasperreport.jar to replace the original one.

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6 Responses to “Embed font in JasperReport”

  1. Miguel Casallas says:

    Muchas gracias por el dato.

  2. digvi says:

    Nice tutorial man…

  3. Sandamali says:

    very good tutorial

  4. says:

    how to load fonts in .jar extension??

  5. not success says:

    I have try to every way and solution on the internet but unable to success that jrxml always give blank for the Hindi font of “Arial Unicode MS” font family

    Please Please give me the solution for the above.

  6. Robert says:

    For me it worked when configuring the fontfamily.xml as follows:
    (mind the correct case in the element names, e.g. fontFamily instead of fontfamily)

    <fontFamily name=”Arial Unicode MS”>

    inside the report I can then specify Hindi characters like this:
    <text><![CDATA[ZK स्वागत हे ZK]]></text>

    refer to

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