Soundmanager component is a new ZK component which wraps Schillmania’s SoundManger 2 library into it so as to make it compatible within ZK in order to play audio files using JavaScript. This component supports HTML 5 and Flash, therefore it supports browsers that supports html 5 audio and iOS operating systems for iPhone and iPad. Soundmanager is a very smart component in a way that although its default is set to use HTML 5 audio, how it really works is that it automatically detects whether the web application supports HTML 5 or Flash. If the web application supports both, then HTML 5 is utilised, if Flash is required then it switches to Flash.

At the moment, 360ui – a clean, straightforward and convenient UI is set as the default UI for the Soundmanager component. When multiple songs are implemented, the UI will automatically detect and switch to the one that was last clicked to ensure that only one 360ui is playing at a time.





See Demo at:

Get Adobe Flash player


Soundmanager offical website:

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3 Responses to “Soundmanager component”

  1. pmq says:

    I cannot see any response in my sample. Just little arrow (image for play) appear, but there is not any reaction when I click on it.

    Method returns>

    14.12.2011 14:36:55 org.zkoss.zk.ui.impl.DesktopImpl service:713
    SEVERE: [Desktop z_qas:/WEB-INF/page/test.zul] client error: Failed to process
    Cannot call method ‘createSound’ of undefined (TypeError)

  2. pmq says:

    My version of ZK is: 5.0.10

  3. Sanjeeb Pradhan says:

    Hi, I am also getting the same error ,can you please tell why we are getting this error?
    I need it urgently please replay

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