It is now possible to use Selenium IDE to test ZK applications without the need for a UUID generator. This is achieved by integrating the ZK selector into Selenium IDE. Selenium IDE’s main power is that it can easily generate different programming language formats such as Junit, TestNG, Groovy, PHP, Python, Ruby bringing a hold host of testing power to your fingertips.

ZK Selenium Demonstration

As demonstrated, we can now record user interactions to generate a corresponding script. The locator is now the ZK selector path and not the UUID so the recorded script will not need to be re-recorded in the future if the ZK application goes through minor changes.

Saving as ZTL

It is also possible to save the generated script in ZK’s own ZTL format as demonstrated below. The demonstration further shows that the resulting script can then be used in eclipse with ZTL to test your ZK application quickly and effectively.

For more information on ZTL please click here.

Watch the video demo here.

The generated ZTL code shown in this demonstration is as follows:

				click(jq("@button[label=\"hide/show\"] td.z-button-cm"));
				click(jq("@button[label=\"hide/show\"] td.z-button-cm"));
				click(jq("@button[label=\"hide/show\"] td.z-button-cm"));


Using this tool we can speed function testing with ZK and produce a more stable product for your customers.

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19 Responses to “ZK Selenium testing without UUIDs”

  1. kevin says:

    As of Selenium IDE 1.0.6, it doesnt have ZTL option under “option=>format” menu. From the “table” tab in the IDE i can also see that the html elements are being identified by their id rather than the “jq(name)” shown in the demo.
    Please give a pointer to the working Selenium IDE or plug in.


  2. Anil Sadineni says:

    This is cool!!!

    Can you please explain how to integrate ZK selector into Selenium IDE?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Tom says:

    Same here. Very cool feature!

    A smalltalk about how to integrate ZK selector into Selenium IDE woul be so nice.

    Best regards,


  4. Jumper Chen says:

    Hi all,

    So far the tool is still under development and not available for downloading yet.

  5. Roberto says:


    When do you think will be available this tool?


  6. Tom Yeh says:

    No, the schedule is not finalized. Neither the license model.

  7. Edudant says:


    have you considered Selenium 2.0 (merged with WebDriver)? It is still under development, but it is much more simpler than Selenium IDE. The WebDriver can be extended for ZK selectors to enable nice object oriented approach for testing.

    We still experiment, but current test looks like:

    public void userOverview()

    WindowElement overview = zkDriver.findWindow(“winOverviewUsers”);

    overview.findButtonByLabel(“Add user”).click();

    WindowElement detail = zkDriver.findWindow(“detailUser”);

    .next().writeText(“Second test”)



    You still need ID generator – it may be more complex to find e.g. listbox without ID.

    You can choose Firefox driver (and see the progress) or HtmlUnit driver which runs compleatly in java memory (and thus is perfekt for integration testing, however it is quite slow now). The whole setup is simplier than selenium.

  8. Jumper Chen says:


    Have you tried ZTL, which is an object oriented approach for testing?

    By the way, even use Selenium 2.0, I think the record tool is still required, because it is easily to record the test case, rather than write the test case manually.

  9. Edudant says:

    Hi, I certainly did 🙂 and it looks like a great tool, especially for widget testing.

    While you still develop the testing framework, I wanted to draw your attention to the Selenium 2.0 framework, because it provides much simpler API and it’s runtime setup “just works” (at least for me). Some time ago I gave up automatic run of Selenium test on Hudson build server, because there was too much effort to keep it up to date and running and get reasonable results.

  10. Andre says:

    Hi Jumper Chen,

    Is there a way for me to be advised when this tool is available (via RSS feed, emailing list, etc.)? My company is quite interested in the integration of ZK and Selenium.


  11. Pavel says:


    when are you going to release the ZK selector?


  12. huahsin68 says:

    I was thinking if this tool can be merge into FitNesse, it could be a perfect testing framework for ZK. Just my comment.

    THanks @!

  13. Dahuchao says:


    We use ZK more and more. Thanks to ZK team for that wonderfull product. It’s really a pitty that it is not Sellenium compatible.

    when are you going to release the ZK selector ?


  14. Jumper Chen says:

    Hi Dahuchao,

    You may contact info At zkoss DOT org for more details.

  15. Paul Weidemann says:


    Are there any new informations about a downloadable version / release date of the ZK selector?

    Our company is using ZK EE in many applications – so we are also very interested in using Selenium with the ZK selector for testing purposes.


  16. D Hamp says:

    How do you integrate ZK selector with the selenium IDE?

  17. D Hamp says:

    Using Selenium ide 1.9.1,,, How do you integrate ZK selector with the selenium IDE?

  18. dave says:

    Is the selenium integration currently available and working? Im having trouble recording tests on version 1.9.1 to the ID issues.

    I appreciate there is a ztl framework for testing, however there is no clear instructions on how you can generate ztl files, except manually by hand. Any direction on this would be appreciated.

  19. artemonster says:

    Agree with dave:
    after two years there is no ZK selenium selector available
    and with ztl there is absolutely no clue how to test your own applications, not the ZK framework itself.
    Any updates on that front?

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